Saturday, September 24, 2022

Kentucky Sports Radio helps give out supplies in Knott County


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KNOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – On Friday, several dozen sports radio listeners arrived in Knott County to help hand out supplies for the flood stricken areas.

“Through all of this-the devastation and destruction, we have seen the true heartbeat of Kentucky,” said Jeff Honeycutt with Emmalena Elementary.

Volunteers heard about the need on Kentucky Sports Radio and showed up to help. Some drove hours to areas just to lend a hand.

“I just showed up to do whatever I can do today. So far we have been loading up trucks with water and MREs and cleaning supplies,” said Brandon Kessinger, one of the volunteers.

People gave their time to simply help a hurting community. Even those who didn’t lose everything said they can still feel the heartbreaking loss.

“I lost friends, family, 70 homes I think they said,” said Jimmy Slone, a Knott County native.

Officials said the biggest challenges left in Knott County are the replacement of bridges and culverts and relocating people from flooded or destroyed homes.

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