Monday, November 28, 2022

New State Street BRT station designs address business concerns


MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Mayor Rhodes-Conway and Metro Transit released today new renderings of the two Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations for State Street.

BRT will have two stops at the top of State Street by 2024, running from blocks 100 to 300, before turning off the street.

The mayor’s office said BRT will make it faster to access necessities and amenities in Madison as well as increase business development.

The new designs have smaller platforms, reduced from 75 to 50 feet, as well as smaller shelter sizes, a release said.

New BRT design
New BRT design(Office of the Mayor)

The stations will also have more transparent shelters, making it easier to see storefronts and reducing the impact on local vendors.

“We have been listening to, and working to address the concerns of, State Street businesses over the past several years,” Transportation Director Tom Lynch said.

BRT will be implemented in 2024, when lower State Street will likely have no buses running on it; The street’s ten existing bus stops will likely be consolidated into simply the two BRT stops, the mayor’s office reported.

The office also said that State Street will have consistent service every 5 minutes from 6 am to midnight in 2024, connecting to several Madison districts.

The Capitol Square and first three blocks of State Street were picked for this plan, as the area is a gateway to economic and cultural growth, the release said.

The area also connects the UW to Capitol Square and provides opportunities for simple transfers and commutes.

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